Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Ares has engaged American Stock Transfer and Trust (“AST”) to administer a dividend reinvestment program on its behalf. If you are a registered shareholder, meaning that you hold your shares of Class A common stock directly with AST, you can enroll in the plan by completing an application by logging on to AST’s Shareholder Central page found here: https://www.astfinancial.com/us-en/login-landing-page/.

Beneficial shareholders, or those who hold shares of Ares Class A common stock in a different capacity, typically through a broker, bank or other nominee, rather than directly in their own names, will be required to request participation in the program directly from their broker of record.

A DRIP provides a shareholder with the ability to purchase additional shares of Ares Class A common stock by using cash dividends paid by the Company to purchase shares.
If you are a registered shareholder and hold shares directly through AST, the online dividend reinvestment enrollment form must be completed and submitted to AST.

If you don’t hold shares through AST, you are considered to be a beneficial owner of Ares common stock. As a beneficial owner, you should follow your broker of record's procedures to participate in the program.
No. Participation in the DRIP is optional.
Registered holders may submit a signed written instruction to AST, complete the tear-off stub from your account statement or other AST-provided document, or you may utilize the AST’s website.

Registered holders must specifically inform AST of their desire to terminate participation. If a registered holder fails to do so, future dividends will continue to be reinvested in accordance with your pre-termination instruction, until AST is directed otherwise.

Beneficial holders should follow their broker of record’s procedures to no longer reinvest dividends.
Neither Ares nor AST will provide any advice, make any recommendations, or offer any opinion with respect to whether or not you should purchase or sell shares or otherwise participate under the Plan. Each shareholder must make independent investment decisions based on its own judgment and research.


Telephone: 1-800-278-4353 (toll free)

Internet: www.astfinancial.com

Mail: American Stock Transfer & Trust CO, LLC.
P.O. Box 922, Wall Street Station
New York, NY 10269-0560